Forest Dunes - Par Three Course

 Forest Dunes Resort -The Par Three Course

Keith Rhebb, of Rhebb Golf Design, in conjunction with Riley Johns, of Integrative Golf Design, are currently designing and building a 10-hole short par 3 course designed to test and entertain skilled golfers, all while still being enjoyable for young children and beginners.  The course will offer a variety of short game shot options and encourage creativity and imaginative modes of play, accommodating all levels types of games - from a relaxing tune-up to a competitive match amongst friends. The routing will be compact and play amongst the oaks and pines as it ascends to the highest point of the Forest Dunes property – known as the hilltop.  From the hilltop, golfers will enjoy views of both golf courses at the resort (The Loop and Forest Dunes), as well as long vistas across to the distant forested hills. 

Hill Top Par 3 - Preliminary Routing.jpg